About Us

Our Work

Dextra believes in creating communities in which every one has the power to chase their dreams. We make it possible by helping them learn to design 3D printed prosthesis.

Additionally, we help individuals with disability by providing them with 3D printed prosthetic so they can life to their full potential. 

Our Story

The team members met while  completing their studies at the university of Ottawa, faculty of engineering. We all share the same vision of empowering communities and making this world a better place. We all come from different backgrounds and bring our diverse views to the project. We learn from our failures and keep improving ourselves and be able to provide a better solution to the communities and individuals.

University of Ottawa Makerspace and the diverse online community of designers have been helping us achieve our goals.

Our Impact

After facing a failure and working again on the project for one year, we were able to deliver a two prosthetic arms to Bader in Morocco. Click here to read the story.

Currently, Dextra is collaborating with Tech Era, to create a capacity in Ashesi University, Ghana where the teachers and students work together to self-sustainable 3D printed solutions. Click here to learn more.

Our Supporters